“We can no longer delay ....”

We are asking the County Commission to approve a $43 vehicle registration fee to be used only to support road maintenance to make Washington County’s roads as safe in the future as they were in the past. If the Legislative Session results in a funding package that will deliver funding equivalent to, or greater than, a County $43 vehicle registration fee, then we ask that the County rescind the fee and let the state package be implemented in its place.

— Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce

... consider a $43 vehicle registration fee”

Improving the safety of our roads, bridges and culverts will cost an estimated $201 million by 2026. The County does not have a maintenance funding mechanism to support that need. We are aware that the State Legislature is working to put together a state-wide transportation funding package for the 2017 Legislative Session, and we are extremely hopeful that will happen. However, we are strong in our support that Washington County should position itself to be ready to act in the event those efforts fail.

— Westside Economic Alliance.

“We recommend that the Board of County Commissioners address the roadway maintence issues in the County with adequate funding to whatever level is necessary as soon as possible and suggest a Vehicle Registration fee would be a mechanism for that to protect our investment.”

— Rural Roads Operations and Maintenance Advisory Committee (RROMAC)


Several URMDAC members commented that their support of the vehicle registration fee stems from their awareness of the County’s road maintenance program plus the funding challenges. We feel that with that same awareness the public will also support it.

— Urban Road Maintenance District Advisory Committee